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Monday, 21 Oct 2019

Registration Procedure of Industrial Designs

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Registration of designs is done by the Patent office at Calcutta. Any person claiming to be the proprietor of any new and original design may apply for registration of the design. For the purpose of registration goods are classified into 14 classes. The applicant may include in the application, a brief statement of the novelty he claims for the design. For example novelty resides in the Shape or configuration in the telephone set as illustrated.

On receipt of an application, the application will be examined by an examiner as to whether the design is registrable under the Act and the Rules and submit a report to the Controller.

If the application is in order and satisfies the requirements of the Act and the Rules, the Controller will accept the application and register it. The design when registered will be registered as on the date of the application for registration. There is no provision under Act for advertisement of the application before registration as in the case of Trademark. The term of Industrial Design for the first instance will be for a period of ten years, which can be extended by five years.

1. Design search. Design Search has to be conducted by a patent attorney for a successful design registration and future design protection. We recommend that our patent attorneys will conduct a design search for you, for a secure design registration.

2. Industrial design registration.  Secure your industrial design and obtain the design protection by registration with specialized design attorneys worldwide.

3. Obtaining design registration certificate. Design registration certificate proofs design ownership.

4. Design renewal. Industrial design renewal extends the design protection. It has to be done in due time, before it expires.

5. Industrial design litigation. Industrial design litigation is the design protection handled by specialized design attorneys, (a design attorney is a patent attorney who is also a litigation attorney and is specialized in industrial design law), by means of legal letters, according to industrial design law and of design litigation. Design litigation usually refers to cancellation of the registered industrial designs, counterfeit, unlawful competition.

6. Market watch against design infringement.
This service is available on national level, in each of the countries, as well as for international and community industrial designs.

7. Industrial designs translation services.

8. Industrial design valuation.