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Monday, 21 Oct 2019

Patent filing requirements

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1. Name, Address and Nationality of the Inventor(s) or of the Assignee.

2. Name, Address and Nationality of the Applicant (s)

3. Title of the Invention (Brief & Precise).

4. Details of the background of the Invention along with the brief information on the Existing Traditional Method (if any) relating to the invention;

5. Description of the Invention;

6. Manner or best mode of Use of the invention.

7. The Claims or uniqueness which an inventor proposes to claim.

8. If the invention is capable of being illustrated with the help of Drawings, Figures or formulae, such drawings, figures or formulae should be provided on a thick, durable paper.

9. In case priority is to be claimed, details about the date of filing of application, country of filing and number of application. A certified copy of the application has to be filed within 12 months of claiming of priority or before the date of filing of a request for Examination.

10. Power of Attorney - no need to be legalized or Notarized.